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       KAIDE is one of the first companies in Taiwan to contact the mechanical industry with clutch, brake, coil tension controller, safety clip, aluminum guide roller, etc.        After more than 30 years of development and experience accumulation, has become the leading industrial clutch/brake manufacturer;In mainland China, KAIDE invests in many factories and establishes a complete sales network, and is committed to improving the comprehensive service promotion of customers.

       Wuxi deli sen precision machinery co., LTD in wuxi xishan economic development zone set up in 2010, aims to unified management and coordination KAIDE in mainland China's wholly owned subsidiary of business activities. As investment in mainland China is engaged in the industry, products marketing,
contact number0510-83779780   83775576
fax number0510-83779147
Contact address: no. 300, friendship north road, xishan economic development zone, wuxi city, jiangsu province.
customer after-sales service contact, and aims at KAIDE each affiliated enterprises in mainland China for macroscopic management and a wide range of business support, promote the continuous development of the market business.
       We provide high quality products portfolio: electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic brake, magnetic powder clutch, magnetic powder brake disc brakes, tension control system, air compressor, pneumatic clutch, inflatable shaft safety clamp first-class products.        Products are widely used in printing machinery, packaging machinery, corrugated machinery, cable equipment, textile machinery, rubber machinery, tire machinery, assembly line, papermaking machinery, construction machinery, food machinery, plywood machinery...        More than 30 years to KDIDE uphold consistent "cast quality brand, service to win customers" business philosophy, we not only provide the high quality of industrial products, more customers with perfect and efficient after-sales service and technical support
Contact us:
QQ:2677745358 Phone number:18168388068
Contact address: No. 300 youbei Road, Xishan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu.
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